My blog is finally up-to-date

Finally! I’ve added all the old posts to my blog from BackLinkMachine, all the way back to the Welcome post that was published on 3 June 2006.

I still have to add a few inner pages to the site which were linked from within some posts. I’ll do them soon enough too 🙂

Some of the interesting posts I came across while updating my blog are listed below:

Be sure to read through these and stay tuned for more posts!

Mobile Marketing can be irritating

When you search Google or any other search engine, you can feel frustrated if you do not get the desired results. Spam sites coming on the first page can not only be annoying, but may lead you to stop using a particular search engine at all. Google however makes sure that their search results always serve the users with the information that are looking for, which is why it is the most popularly used search engine today.

Just like online marketing is a way to provide exposure to companies and businesses, mobile marketing has also gained a lot of popularity recently. According to Wikipedia, it is a relatively new method of marketing through a mobile device such as a mobile phone. SMS or Short Message Service is used to send messages to thousands of users every day by companies as a means to promote their products or services. Although SMS marketing has now become legal over the years, it can still cause a lot of unwanted trouble to mobile phone users, as they can be charged by the service provider for every text message they receive on their mobile phone. In such cases, cell phone users can install mobile phone utilities to help them block unwanted text messages and message spam on their cell phones.

TextGuardTextGuard is a third party mobile phone utility which provides text archiving, SMS monitoring and SMS spam filtering services to BlackBerry and Windows Mobile users. It allows users to filter certain SMS messages by a particular keyword or by blocking certain numbers from text messaging you. The utility not only allows you to block incoming text messages, but you can also block or stop messages from going to a particular number. The utility is extremely handy and can be used by parents to block and monitor the cell phone activities of their kids.

Primeview Arizona – Leading web design company

Finding the right company to manage your website for you and take care of its marketing and online promotion needs can be a tricky task. Before you go about promoting your website, you have to make sure that the design of your website is Search Engine Friendly as well as user friendly which can help convert the users of your website to customers. Consulting a professional SEO and web design company can be a good idea.

Primeview is an Arizona web design company in Phoenix, Arizona, based in the US, which provides Arizona SEO services to clients. It is an online marketing and web design and development company which has been successfully serving its clients for more than 10 years. They provide a complete range of online business solutions, starting from web site hosting to design and development of websites, to search engine optimization and online marketing. The website itself is ranking high on search engines and coming on page 1 for its main keywords like “Arizona search engine optimization”, “Arizona SEO”, “Arizona web design”, “Arizona web company” and several other key phrases.

Primeview has worked with some of the leading businesses in various industries, including travel, finance, entertainment, health, ecommerce and service sectors. Some of their featured clients include big names like Nissan, National Car Rental and University of Phoenix. Be sure to check out their cool before and after gallery which features selected projects from their portfolio.

The long awaited blog Updates

It’s been almost 2 months since I last posted anything on my blog, so I finally got time today to write a post about some blog updates and news. I’ve been really busy in a few things at home and also at my job, and that’s why I have not been able to update my blog regularly, but I’ll make it a point to take some time out on weekends and write some good blog posts which I can post throughout the week easily.

Change from 2 column to 3 column

I wanted to have a new 3 column layout blog, so I tried my HTML skills last week to change my blog to a 3-column format from the old 2 column layout I was using before. I’ve tried to keep it similar to the old design so my viewers don’t get a completely new blog when they visit seo reloaded 🙂

Dedicated IP for my blog

I now have dedicated IP for my blog which is great 😀 You can access my blog by going to

LCD Winner

Yes I was announced the winner of the free LCD giveaway at Cash For Comments!

I won the free 24 LCD contest at CashForComments.com but did not get the time to update it on my blog. So I’m officially announcing the contest results on my blog and the prize I got from Prija. It was the second contest I won online, after the T-shirt from EverybodyGoTo.com

I’m a sponsor at the Car Give Away at Blogging The Movie

Blogging The Movie

As a thank you note to Prija for the lovely 24 inch LCD, I decided to give something back to him by becoming a car sponsor at BloggingTheMovie.com and I was the 23rd sponsor out of the expected 500 😉

You can also become one of the car sponsors by buying a link for $100 only and get excellent chances of promoting your blog or website. You will get 2 free reviews on his sites, with links to your website or blog, a permanent link on the car sponsors page and your domain on the two Scion tC’s, free car giveaway. Be part of the 1st FREE car giveaway in blogging history with a one time payment of $100. Only 500 spots are available, so hurry before they are filled up.

Web Traffic in Black and White

Website trafficWebsite traffic and users are two of the most important aspects of online marketing. Traffic is the root of all sales and revenue generated from any business, whether it is in a market or shop or online on a website over the internet. Many people who start their website to earn money online or to make sales from their websites usually face the most difficult and the most crucial steps in making their online presence a success, which is getting more visitors to your website.

Website owners and newbies especially need some kind of guidance or assistance to help make their online presence a success by driving more and more users to their website. Tony Williams’ ebook named Web Traffic in black and white is just the book to cover all the different kinds of methods that one can use to drive traffic to their website. I recently got a chance to read the e-book and in my opinion the book has everything you need to know about the secrets of driving traffic to your website, whether it is free traffic or paid traffic using PPC or any other kind of online advertisement. After reading it, I was surprised to find several methods which I was overlooking which could actually drive tons of traffic to my sites.

Guide to Drive Traffic to your site

There are lots of ways of driving traffic to a website, including white hat and black hat methods. Most of the methods involve optimizing your website so that it ranks high on the Search Engine Ranking Pages (SERPs). The ebook discusses all the possible methods that one can use to drive traffic to their website.

  1. Keyword Research

One of the most important steps before starting any website is a thorough Keyword research, which helps refine your niche, the topics you should be targeting in your area of interest and other niche or long tail keywords which you can target to drive traffic to your website.

  1. Start Early

As with any other profitable niche or idea, you should always start your website or new project as soon as you think of the idea. Starting a website early can also help you drive more traffic to your website, especially if the topic id related to something new which can cause a hype among the internet users. Also, starting a website early can help you prevent the Google sandbox penalty and your site will get indexed over time, which will eventually lead traffic to your site.

  1. On-page optimization and formatting

This part of the ebook covers some of the most crucial and important factors any website owner needs to know who is interested in driving quality and targeted traffic to their website. Some of the on-page factors addresses in the book include Title Tags, Meta Tags, Alt Tags, on-site optimization and similar factors you should be aware of before starting your online project.

  1. Fresh and regularly updated content

As most of you might already know, Content is King in the SEO world. Regularly updated websites help drive a lot of traffic to them, and also get natural back links to them from other websites.

  1. Buying Traffic

Paid traffic using PPC (Pay Per Click) methods, Online Advertising, Banner exchanges, Paid Links and reviews are all different methods of driving traffic to any website. Many more traffic buying methods are explained in detail in the ebook.

  1. Free Web Traffic

Like paid traffic driving methods, there are also free methods which can be used to drive traffic to any website. These methods include Social Bookmarking, Traffic Exchanges, and similar methods.

  1. Getting Links for your site

Links are the most important factors when it comes to website rankings for any website. Where Content is considered as King in the SEO World, Linking is considered the Queen in Search Engine Optimization. The ebook discusses and explains the importance of Anchor Texts and discusses all the different methods for “How to get Backlinks” which you wouldn’t want to miss at any cost!

  1. Search Engine Indexing

Once your website is up and running, you need it properly indexed on the Search Engines to achieve any rankings on the SERPs. Methods that can help you get your site properly indexed on the Search Engines are also discussed in detail in Web Traffic in Black & White by Tony Williams.

  1. Black Hat Methods

Any kind of black hat methods of SEO or promotion should be avoided for a website at all costs, and this section for Black Hat Methods guides newbies about the things they should avoid in order to stay away from any Search Engine Penalties or ban.

  1. More Traffic Building Ideas

Tony discusses several other traffic building ideas that you can use to drive traffic to your website. You can actually use these methods to drive a wealth of traffic to your site, for free!

  1. Surefire methods of getting traffic

The e-book lists all the Surefire methods of getting traffic to your website, which you will find useful and helpful, even if you have been in the website promotion business for some time now.

Web Traffic GuideSo if you are serious about making your online business a success by driving traffic and users to your website, then you should definitely go for the Ultimate Web Traffic Guide by Tom Williams. And the best thing about it is that it is only for $27 and you can instantly get it delivered to your mailbox by ordering online.

Using Web Proxy Sites to Unblock Access Bebo.com and Facebook.com

If you are encountering difficulties in accessing Bebo or Facebook while in your office or while in school, there is a huge probability that these particular websites are blocked. You can inform your web administrator about this situation, but the blockage may be intentional hence you will not be granted the permission to go to these sites. Many schools, colleges and universities including several offices have denied access to social networking sites like Bebo.com and Facebook.com for varied reasons. Majority of the management of these institutions find no educational or useful value in logging on to these websites thus the move against these. Despite the barriers imposed, computer users are still looking for ways to unblock their access.

One tip is through the use of web proxy sites. This is the most recommended option since there is no need to perform any difficult technical work or hack into any computer. You will just need to use these specific websites as the platform to access Facebook and Bebo . Using web proxy sites means your search will no longer be filtered and will be undetected by your administrator. Numerous proxy sites are available online and most of them can be used free of any charges.

I received the t-shirt I won at EverybodyGoTo!

T-Shirt winner

I’m so happy I received the Tee shirt today, which I won in a contest at EverybodyGoTo last month in September. Here’s the complete post where I was announced as the T-Shirt winner for Saturday 8th September.

Cafepress Pack

For those who do not know, Ali at EverybodyGoTo.com has designed funny t shirts and was giving away one free t-shirt to his blog readers every week till the end of September. I chose the “Comments Closed” shirt as it was one of the shirts especially designed for female bloggers. The shirt arrived in a Cafepress packing and I have some images here to share with my readers 😛 I even went ahead and took a photo of the parcel before opening it! Thank you Hyder for the wonderful shirt 😀

You can see his entire collection of funny t shirts at his online store and order one for yourself.

Comments Closed Shirt

JohnChow visited my Blog!!!!

JohnChow MyBlogLog

I was just going through the latest visitors of my site using MyBlogLog widget and was amazed to see that JohnChow had visited my Blog! I was so happy to see him on the list of visitors, that I thought of blogging it on my blog and bragging about it 😛 (Come to think of it, JohnChow even gets links from blogs by visiting them, lol)

I’ve been trying hard to post regularly on my blog but never get to meet my goal. I’ve been too busy working on some client sites that I simply don’t get the time to blog regularly. Posting new posts on a regular basis will bring return visitors and I’m sure it will also attract a lot of traffic from the search engines and other social bookmark sites.

Anyways, I’m off to give myself a treat to celebrate John Chow’s visit to my blog. I’m also very excited to announce that I won the “Comments ClosedFunny T Shirt from the contest I entered last week 😀 Waiting for the Tee to arrive anxiously and then I’ll add some pictures on my blog.

Free Comments on your Blog!

I usually look for good SEO/SEM and Internet and Web Related Blogs where I can leave useful comments. Relevant and Quality Blog Comments can bring you a regular amount of traffic and can also help you in building links for your website. The more comments you leave on other related blogs, the more chance you have that the blog owner will visit your site and may leave a comment or two in return, if he finds something useful on your blog also.

That’s why I started a Free Blog Comments Thread at Digital Point Forums, inviting webmasters and blog owners to post their SEO, SEM, Internet, Web and Online Marketing Related blogs where I can post comments.

This is a free service I am offering to these blog owners, and in return I will get a few links, some traffic and comments in return. This will not only help them in building content for their site, but will also help me spread the word around and leave links to my blog at several SEO related Blogs.

So far, the whole thing is going great and I’ve got a few offers also, like if I leave 8+ quality comments on a blog, they will give me a free listing on one of their PR 3 Blogs Directory! Another one has offered to add ‘Top Commentator’ Plugin to the blog so I get a link to my Blog in return. A few others have left useful comments on my blog which is great!

Rented my Avatar Space

I recently reached my 2,000 post count at Digital Point Webmaster Forums so I decided to rent out my avatar space. You can see my Digital Point Profile Page by following the link. This is the first time I’ve ever rented my avatar, and am happy about it. I’ve rented the avatar to Tim Schroeder for his Make Money Online website eMonetized.com. Yes! He is the same Tim Schroeder, owner of the popular webmaster Forum Webmaster-Talk.com

His blog is about everything related to making money online and online marketing stuff related to links, blogging, Google, WordPress, affiliates, and SEO. The blog also gives you an insight of his online ventures and helps and educates the readers about online money making techniques. Visit eMonetized.com today and learn form all what the blog has for money making online.