Whats new in the world of web hosting?

Web Hosting SearchWhat’s new in the world of web hosting? Well, for one thing, seohosting.com, which is owned by hostgator.com, has started to offer SEO adjusted hosting packages. This will help you avoid some of the most common SEO related problems, and also give you better hits in Google.

You can access these SEO adjusted packages through webhostingsearch.com. There you can also find lots of new packages, including cheap web hosts, linux hosting, and much more.

Web Traffic in Black and White

Website trafficWebsite traffic and users are two of the most important aspects of online marketing. Traffic is the root of all sales and revenue generated from any business, whether it is in a market or shop or online on a website over the internet. Many people who start their website to earn money online or to make sales from their websites usually face the most difficult and the most crucial steps in making their online presence a success, which is getting more visitors to your website.

Website owners and newbies especially need some kind of guidance or assistance to help make their online presence a success by driving more and more users to their website. Tony Williams’ ebook named Web Traffic in black and white is just the book to cover all the different kinds of methods that one can use to drive traffic to their website. I recently got a chance to read the e-book and in my opinion the book has everything you need to know about the secrets of driving traffic to your website, whether it is free traffic or paid traffic using PPC or any other kind of online advertisement. After reading it, I was surprised to find several methods which I was overlooking which could actually drive tons of traffic to my sites.

Guide to Drive Traffic to your site

There are lots of ways of driving traffic to a website, including white hat and black hat methods. Most of the methods involve optimizing your website so that it ranks high on the Search Engine Ranking Pages (SERPs). The ebook discusses all the possible methods that one can use to drive traffic to their website.

  1. Keyword Research

One of the most important steps before starting any website is a thorough Keyword research, which helps refine your niche, the topics you should be targeting in your area of interest and other niche or long tail keywords which you can target to drive traffic to your website.

  1. Start Early

As with any other profitable niche or idea, you should always start your website or new project as soon as you think of the idea. Starting a website early can also help you drive more traffic to your website, especially if the topic id related to something new which can cause a hype among the internet users. Also, starting a website early can help you prevent the Google sandbox penalty and your site will get indexed over time, which will eventually lead traffic to your site.

  1. On-page optimization and formatting

This part of the ebook covers some of the most crucial and important factors any website owner needs to know who is interested in driving quality and targeted traffic to their website. Some of the on-page factors addresses in the book include Title Tags, Meta Tags, Alt Tags, on-site optimization and similar factors you should be aware of before starting your online project.

  1. Fresh and regularly updated content

As most of you might already know, Content is King in the SEO world. Regularly updated websites help drive a lot of traffic to them, and also get natural back links to them from other websites.

  1. Buying Traffic

Paid traffic using PPC (Pay Per Click) methods, Online Advertising, Banner exchanges, Paid Links and reviews are all different methods of driving traffic to any website. Many more traffic buying methods are explained in detail in the ebook.

  1. Free Web Traffic

Like paid traffic driving methods, there are also free methods which can be used to drive traffic to any website. These methods include Social Bookmarking, Traffic Exchanges, and similar methods.

  1. Getting Links for your site

Links are the most important factors when it comes to website rankings for any website. Where Content is considered as King in the SEO World, Linking is considered the Queen in Search Engine Optimization. The ebook discusses and explains the importance of Anchor Texts and discusses all the different methods for “How to get Backlinks” which you wouldn’t want to miss at any cost!

  1. Search Engine Indexing

Once your website is up and running, you need it properly indexed on the Search Engines to achieve any rankings on the SERPs. Methods that can help you get your site properly indexed on the Search Engines are also discussed in detail in Web Traffic in Black & White by Tony Williams.

  1. Black Hat Methods

Any kind of black hat methods of SEO or promotion should be avoided for a website at all costs, and this section for Black Hat Methods guides newbies about the things they should avoid in order to stay away from any Search Engine Penalties or ban.

  1. More Traffic Building Ideas

Tony discusses several other traffic building ideas that you can use to drive traffic to your website. You can actually use these methods to drive a wealth of traffic to your site, for free!

  1. Surefire methods of getting traffic

The e-book lists all the Surefire methods of getting traffic to your website, which you will find useful and helpful, even if you have been in the website promotion business for some time now.

Web Traffic GuideSo if you are serious about making your online business a success by driving traffic and users to your website, then you should definitely go for the Ultimate Web Traffic Guide by Tom Williams. And the best thing about it is that it is only for $27 and you can instantly get it delivered to your mailbox by ordering online.

Using Web Proxy Sites to Unblock Access Bebo.com and Facebook.com

If you are encountering difficulties in accessing Bebo or Facebook while in your office or while in school, there is a huge probability that these particular websites are blocked. You can inform your web administrator about this situation, but the blockage may be intentional hence you will not be granted the permission to go to these sites. Many schools, colleges and universities including several offices have denied access to social networking sites like Bebo.com and Facebook.com for varied reasons. Majority of the management of these institutions find no educational or useful value in logging on to these websites thus the move against these. Despite the barriers imposed, computer users are still looking for ways to unblock their access.

One tip is through the use of web proxy sites. This is the most recommended option since there is no need to perform any difficult technical work or hack into any computer. You will just need to use these specific websites as the platform to access Facebook and Bebo . Using web proxy sites means your search will no longer be filtered and will be undetected by your administrator. Numerous proxy sites are available online and most of them can be used free of any charges.

Craigslist.org Information

Craigslist Info

Despite its non-monetary and virtually good-willed purposes, Craigs list has been bombarded of a controversy that usually deals with unfair trade. Companies that focus on posting ads are threatened of the free service that Craiglist provides, due to the fact that people would choose a free service provider over them. But to craigslist’s defense, they do not charge for any of their service because of the non-monetary belief that their company has established, and solely charge paid job ads on cities such San Francisco Bay Area ($75 per ad); New York, Los Angeles, San Diego, Boston, Seattle, Washington D.C. and Chicago (all aforementioned cities are charged $25 per ad). Despite the miniscule amount of workers needed to operate this functional website, around 23 employees only, Craiglist has placed 34th among the most famous websites in the World Wide Web, and 9th place as the most popular in the United States. But not all controversies were focused on company against another company. There were also moral issues thrown against Craiglist, such as the blatant postings of adult ads on the site. Craiglist fixed this by putting up disclaimers against boards, such as “women seeking women”, “casual encounters” (the most controversial so far) and “erotic services”, along with the user power to flag any content that they come upon which they feel is overboard, so that moderators can easily identify posts that are offensive. For more information about craigslist.org visit http://craigslistinfo.info

I received the t-shirt I won at EverybodyGoTo!

T-Shirt winner

I’m so happy I received the Tee shirt today, which I won in a contest at EverybodyGoTo last month in September. Here’s the complete post where I was announced as the T-Shirt winner for Saturday 8th September.

Cafepress Pack

For those who do not know, Ali at EverybodyGoTo.com has designed funny t shirts and was giving away one free t-shirt to his blog readers every week till the end of September. I chose the “Comments Closed” shirt as it was one of the shirts especially designed for female bloggers. The shirt arrived in a Cafepress packing and I have some images here to share with my readers 😛 I even went ahead and took a photo of the parcel before opening it! Thank you Hyder for the wonderful shirt 😀

You can see his entire collection of funny t shirts at his online store and order one for yourself.

Comments Closed Shirt