On first page of Google in less than 6 hours!

I launched a new section for SEO Jokes on my SEO Blog today and to my surprise, I was checking my website stats, when I found someone had visited my site by searching for ‘seo jokes‘ on Google! I quickly checked the SERPs and my blog was on the first page of Google for this not so competitive keyword 🙂 This happened in less than 6 hours since I added the posts on the blog!

My website is coming on the first page of Google and also on the regional Google Search Engine. See the results yourself in the screenshot below!

SEO Jokes Google SERPs

SEO Professional and Newbie conversation Joke

Newbie: I want to get links for my website. I’ve heard links can make my site come on first page of Google.

SEO Pro: That’s very true. Links are very important for search engine rankings.

Newbie: Please teach me how to find links for my site.

SEO Pro: Ok, you can start by reading this link building guide to get familiar with what link building is.

Newbie: ok

SEO Pro: Once you read it, you’ll understand the importance of incoming links for any website

Newbie: ok


Newbie: What is AltaVista?

SEO Pro: It’s a Search Engine! Well you should be knowing that!


Newbie: How do I open it?

SEO Pro: Open what??? Confused

Newbie: AltaVista



SEO Jokes

I work as an SEO Manager at a company and often get all kinds of weird questions from people, clients, and even the office staff about SEO, Internet Marketing, Link Building and Search Engines. Most of them are pretty straightforward questions, which sometimes annoy me as they take up a lot of my time. Sometimes I feel irritated and angry at the kind of questions asked, but most of them are quite funny if narrated. So I’ve given them a twist and changed them to SEO Jokes. Hope you find them interesting and hilarious 😀

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