SEOContest2008 making Google go crazy!

I just checked my rankings on Google a few hours back, and I was near the end of page 6 on the SERPs. Luckily, I checked again after a few minutes and my SEOContest2008 page had jumped to position #51 on Google, right at the top of page 6!

Here is a screenshot I saved from Google for my rankings Page 6 of SEOContest2008

Sadly, I just checked it a few minutes back and my site is again near the bottom of page 6 on Google. I’m looking forward to a lot of improvement in this week, especially after the new updates get indexed on Google.

There are now 3,480 results on Google SERPs for the search term SEOContest2008. Almost 55 days to go. They are definitely going to increase to a very large amount.

Yahoo Back Links Update for my SEOContest2008 page

I checked my back links on Yahoo yesterday and I had 13 Inlinks to www.seo-reloaded.com/seocontest2008/, but when I checked them in the morning today, Yahoo! wasn’t showing any links at all, which was a bit strange. I rechecked the Inbound links again now, and they are finally back. Yahoo is showing 43 Incoming links to my SEO Contest 2008 page, which is good 🙂

Here is the link to check my updated links on Yahoo to the contest page:

Yahoo InLinks for www.seo-reloaded.com/seocontest2008/

Enter yourself in the 2008 SEO Contest – SEOContest2008!

Enter yourself in the 2008 SEO Contest – SEOContest2008!


UKWebmasterWorld.com is holding a 2 month contest starting from 1st February 2008 and ending on 31st March 2008. Google.com will choose the winning entry and results will be checked on 1st April 2008 1pm UK time.

The rules for the contest are simple!

  1. Create a brand new page on an existing website, domain or sub-domain of your website which has no backlinks to it, and compete in the contest to take it to Number 1 on Google in 2 months for the keyword SEOContest2008!
  1. Insert the following HTML code into the competitive design page, where “your name” is the ID you use on the forum:

<a href=”http://forums.ukwebmasterworld.com/” target=”_blank” user=”your name”>UK webmaster forum seo contest</a>

  1. Register yourself on the website to enter yourself in the SEO Contest as an entrant, using the registration form.

I entered the contest yesterday with this new page for SEOContest2008 on my blog.

You can also register yourself today for the grand prize of $1000 or $100 for the 3 runner up positions. Winners will receive the prize through PayPal transfer!

For more updates on the contest and its progress, do visit my contest page regularly!