If you are having trouble viewing RSS feeds for your site or any other website in Google Chrome, then you might be looking for a solution. Google Chrome shows a bunch of unformatted text when you click on an RSS feed button instead of a correctly formatted feed like you would see in Firefox web browser and Internet Explorer. By default, you would see something like the text shown below in your Google Chrome browser.

RSS feed in Google Chrome:

RSS in Google Chrome

This is because Google Chrome does not have a built in feature to display RSS feeds in the browser. However, the solution is quick and easy. Simply install the RSS Subscription Extension by Google in your browser which auto detects RSS feeds on the page you are reading. If the extension finds an RSS feed on the page you are reading, it will display an RSS icon in your address bar, or the Omnibox as shown in the picture below. Simply clicking on the icon will allow you to preview the feed and subscribe to it.

RSS icon Google Chrome