FIVERR.com – I will write 10 Unique Facebook posts to increase social engagement

Hope you all had a wonderful holiday season. I had a great time and took a little vacation too 🙂

But it’s back to work for me now!!!

Today, I want to share with you my Gig on Fiverr which has been doing great since I started it. I am offering to write 10 unique, high quality, and interesting posts which you can add to your Facebook page.

Writing interesting posts and updating your Facebook page can be a daunting task sometimes. You often find yourself running out of Facebook content ideas, or maybe you’re just too tired or lazy to do it yourself. No harm in taking some help when you need it!

I will write 10 unique posts that will increase social engagement when you post them on your page and share them with your fans. They will also help increase likes, shares, and comments on your page.

I can write informative, and humorous posts as well as quick tips, facts, and Did-you-know posts.

All I need is the following from you:

1. URL of your Facebook page
2. URL of your website (if any)

Please Note: I will NOT publish the posts on your page, I will write them and send them to you, so you will be able to post/schedule them. I do NOT need your Facebook page access.

I am also offering 2 extra images as a Gig Extra that you can post on your Facebook page. These images or memes will be related to the theme and topic of your business.

Keep your Facebook page wall updated with fresh and regular posts. A regularly updated Facebook page ranks better in the SERPs and regular updates help you interact with your fans.

So head over to FIVERR.COM and Order My Gig Today for just $5!

Free Comments on your Blog!

I usually look for good SEO/SEM and Internet and Web Related Blogs where I can leave useful comments. Relevant and Quality Blog Comments can bring you a regular amount of traffic and can also help you in building links for your website. The more comments you leave on other related blogs, the more chance you have that the blog owner will visit your site and may leave a comment or two in return, if he finds something useful on your blog also.

That’s why I started a Free Blog Comments Thread at Digital Point Forums, inviting webmasters and blog owners to post their SEO, SEM, Internet, Web and Online Marketing Related blogs where I can post comments.

This is a free service I am offering to these blog owners, and in return I will get a few links, some traffic and comments in return. This will not only help them in building content for their site, but will also help me spread the word around and leave links to my blog at several SEO related Blogs.

So far, the whole thing is going great and I’ve got a few offers also, like if I leave 8+ quality comments on a blog, they will give me a free listing on one of their PR 3 Blogs Directory! Another one has offered to add ‘Top Commentator’ Plugin to the blog so I get a link to my Blog in return. A few others have left useful comments on my blog which is great!

Too many Blog Comment Links can be Harmful

Many webmasters and website owners today have changed their focus from reciprocal links to non-reciprocal / one-way links due to the importance Search Engines give to one-way non-reciprocal links. There are a number of strategies that can be adopted to increase the number of one way, incoming links to a website. One of these, which you’ll come across, while reading many link building and development guides, is Blog Comments.

Leaving Useful Comments on blogs related to your niche is no doubt a very good idea to get links and users to your website. It is the easiest and most targeted method through which people will find you and will link to you if you provide useful comments and are a regular visitor to those blogs.

However, there is a very fine line in using Blog Commenting the ‘Ethical Way‘ and the ‘Unethical Way‘. If most of the incoming links to a website are from Blogs, and specifically from Blog Comments, Search Engines might end up penalizing your website.

Search Engines now consider websites that have a high percentage of links from Blogs as ‘Bad Neighborhood‘ sites. Domains that have a high occurrence of links that appear to be from blogs may be penalized by Search Engines. It may be normal for blogs and forums to have lots of incoming links from blogs, but for many commercial websites, a large percentage of links from blogs could indicate an attempt to increase search engine rankings through blog comment spamming.

So if you have a new website, and you plan to promote it and bring traffic and users to it through blog comments, make sure you have some other methods of attracting links to your website also, to even it all out. Incoming links from Blogs only can be harmful for your website.