My blog is finally up-to-date

Finally! I’ve added all the old posts to my blog from BackLinkMachine, all the way back to the Welcome post that was published on 3 June 2006.

I still have to add a few inner pages to the site which were linked from within some posts. I’ll do them soon enough too 🙂

Some of the interesting posts I came across while updating my blog are listed below:

Be sure to read through these and stay tuned for more posts!

Archived Posts Recovered from WayBackMachine

I am so happy to announce that I recovered my old blog posts from the archives on WayBackMachine

I wanted to get hold of the old posts as I had put in a lot of effort, time and energy writing and posting them. Thank goodness I found them all 🙂

I will be posting them gradually as backdated posts on this blog now. It will not only help populate this blog, but it will help users browse through my old work. Most importantly, the posts will also help bring search engine spiders to my blog as CONTENT IS KING!

Snapshots of my old blog can be seen at these links: