When you search Google or any other search engine, you can feel frustrated if you do not get the desired results. Spam sites coming on the first page can not only be annoying, but may lead you to stop using a particular search engine at all. Google however makes sure that their search results always serve the users with the information that are looking for, which is why it is the most popularly used search engine today.

Just like online marketing is a way to provide exposure to companies and businesses, mobile marketing has also gained a lot of popularity recently. According to Wikipedia, it is a relatively new method of marketing through a mobile device such as a mobile phone. SMS or Short Message Service is used to send messages to thousands of users every day by companies as a means to promote their products or services. Although SMS marketing has now become legal over the years, it can still cause a lot of unwanted trouble to mobile phone users, as they can be charged by the service provider for every text message they receive on their mobile phone. In such cases, cell phone users can install mobile phone utilities to help them block unwanted text messages and message spam on their cell phones.

TextGuardTextGuard is a third party mobile phone utility which provides text archiving, SMS monitoring and SMS spam filtering services to BlackBerry and Windows Mobile users. It allows users to filter certain SMS messages by a particular keyword or by blocking certain numbers from text messaging you. The utility not only allows you to block incoming text messages, but you can also block or stop messages from going to a particular number. The utility is extremely handy and can be used by parents to block and monitor the cell phone activities of their kids.