SEOContest2008 making Google go crazy!

I just checked my rankings on Google a few hours back, and I was near the end of page 6 on the SERPs. Luckily, I checked again after a few minutes and my SEOContest2008 page had jumped to position #51 on Google, right at the top of page 6!

Here is a screenshot I saved from Google for my rankings Page 6 of SEOContest2008

Sadly, I just checked it a few minutes back and my site is again near the bottom of page 6 on Google. I’m looking forward to a lot of improvement in this week, especially after the new updates get indexed on Google.

There are now 3,480 results on Google SERPs for the search term SEOContest2008. Almost 55 days to go. They are definitely going to increase to a very large amount.

Yahoo Back Links Update for my SEOContest2008 page

I checked my back links on Yahoo yesterday and I had 13 Inlinks to www.seo-reloaded.com/seocontest2008/, but when I checked them in the morning today, Yahoo! wasn’t showing any links at all, which was a bit strange. I rechecked the Inbound links again now, and they are finally back. Yahoo is showing 43 Incoming links to my SEO Contest 2008 page, which is good πŸ™‚

Here is the link to check my updated links on Yahoo to the contest page:

Yahoo InLinks for www.seo-reloaded.com/seocontest2008/

Enter yourself in the 2008 SEO Contest – SEOContest2008!

Enter yourself in the 2008 SEO Contest – SEOContest2008!


UKWebmasterWorld.com is holding a 2 month contest starting from 1st February 2008 and ending on 31st March 2008. Google.com will choose the winning entry and results will be checked on 1st April 2008 1pm UK time.

The rules for the contest are simple!

  1. Create a brand new page on an existing website, domain or sub-domain of your website which has no backlinks to it, and compete in the contest to take it to Number 1 on Google in 2 months for the keyword SEOContest2008!
  1. Insert the following HTML code into the competitive design page, where “your name” is the ID you use on the forum:

<a href=”http://forums.ukwebmasterworld.com/” target=”_blank” user=”your name”>UK webmaster forum seo contest</a>

  1. Register yourself on the website to enter yourself in the SEO Contest as an entrant, using the registration form.

I entered the contest yesterday with this new page for SEOContest2008 on my blog.

You can also register yourself today for the grand prize of $1000 or $100 for the 3 runner up positions. Winners will receive the prize through PayPal transfer!

For more updates on the contest and its progress, do visit my contest page regularly!

The long awaited blog Updates

It’s been almost 2 months since I last posted anything on my blog, so I finally got time today to write a post about some blog updates and news. I’ve been really busy in a few things at home and also at my job, and that’s why I have not been able to update my blog regularly, but I’ll make it a point to take some time out on weekends and write some good blog posts which I can post throughout the week easily.

Change from 2 column to 3 column

I wanted to have a new 3 column layout blog, so I tried my HTML skills last week to change my blog to a 3-column format from the old 2 column layout I was using before. I’ve tried to keep it similar to the old design so my viewers don’t get a completely new blog when they visit seo reloaded πŸ™‚

Dedicated IP for my blog

I now have dedicated IP for my blog which is great πŸ˜€ You can access my blog by going to

LCD Winner

Yes I was announced the winner of the free LCD giveaway at Cash For Comments!

I won the free 24 LCD contest at CashForComments.com but did not get the time to update it on my blog. So I’m officially announcing the contest results on my blog and the prize I got from Prija. It was the second contest I won online, after the T-shirt from EverybodyGoTo.com

I’m a sponsor at the Car Give Away at Blogging The Movie

Blogging The Movie

As a thank you note to Prija for the lovely 24 inch LCD, I decided to give something back to him by becoming a car sponsor at BloggingTheMovie.com and I was the 23rd sponsor out of the expected 500 πŸ˜‰

You can also become one of the car sponsors by buying a link for $100 only and get excellent chances of promoting your blog or website. You will get 2 free reviews on his sites, with links to your website or blog, a permanent link on the car sponsors page and your domain on the two Scion tC’s, free car giveaway. Be part of the 1st FREE car giveaway in blogging history with a one time payment of $100. Only 500 spots are available, so hurry before they are filled up.

I received the t-shirt I won at EverybodyGoTo!

T-Shirt winner

I’m so happy I received the Tee shirt today, which I won in a contest at EverybodyGoTo last month in September. Here’s the complete post where I was announced as the T-Shirt winner for Saturday 8th September.

Cafepress Pack

For those who do not know, Ali at EverybodyGoTo.com has designed funny t shirts and was giving away one free t-shirt to his blog readers every week till the end of September. I chose the “Comments Closed” shirt as it was one of the shirts especially designed for female bloggers. The shirt arrived in a Cafepress packing and I have some images here to share with my readers πŸ˜› I even went ahead and took a photo of the parcel before opening it! Thank you Hyder for the wonderful shirt πŸ˜€

You can see his entire collection of funny t shirts at his online store and order one for yourself.

Comments Closed Shirt

Can I win this 24 inch LCD contest at CashForComments.com?

Win a 24

There’s still one day to go and I’m not going to miss this Contest for a Free 24 inch LCD giveaway at the CashForComments.com blog. I’ve been trying my luck at different contents, but have never entered in any contest held at CASHforCOMMENTS.com before.

The good thing about this contest is that its free to enter and the readers have 3 ways to benefit:

  • Win a 24″ $599 LCD
  • Win a 4-Hour Workweek book
  • Get traffic to your blog or website when you become part of the winning prizes πŸ˜€

Last date for entry to the contest is before 15 September 2007 and the grand prize of LG 24 inch Widescreen Flat-Panel LCD Monitor, which is sponsored by Elite baseball instruction which give baseball training videos designed to improve the basic skills of players of all ages.

Cash For Comments is a blog where you get paid to comment. Every day Prinja holds a “Best commentator of the day” prize to give away some cash to the best commentators on his blog. He has this funny way of rewarding the winner with $1 which he sends them by snail mail πŸ˜›

Win a free shirt every week in September

Winters coming and I’m going to try my luck at winning a T-shirt, so I’m entering the Funny T Shirt contest at Everybody go to. Ali J has come up with the ultimate plan of designing some new funny t-shirts every weekday and sell them online.

Comments closed shirt

The contest is simple to enter. All you need to do is write a post about the contest in your blog with a link to the funny shirts page and your name. Each trackback will be put into a little bowl and entered in the lucky draw every Saturday till the end of September.

I have my eyes on the ‘Comments Closed‘ t-shirt which he has designed especially for the ladies πŸ˜› You can order the shirt at Cafepress by clicking on the shirt image on the left. Do have a look at the other shirts which Ali has designed for bloggers and internet bystanders. Let’s see how this contest goes now!

Win 100 bucks in the Ashwin Khanna Revenge Contest

Contest Blogger

As it turned out, the $2,500 Blogging Contest was a scam, so I am now entering the $100 contest at Contest Blogger. This contest is open only for bloggers who were ‘fooled’ by the contest he was promoting on his blog.

Many webmasters have already started removing links from their contest entries, and Phil has listed all the websites trackbacks on his blog so people get to know about the new contest.

I came to know of the new contest by the traffic / referrals in my web stats from his blog, and then found the trackbacks when I logged into my WordPress Admin Panel.

The deadline for this new contest is September 7, so make sure you follow the instructions to win 100 bucks.

Blog Contest – Great chance to win $2,500 in prize!!!

Ashwin Khanna is holding a crazy blog contest at his blog. The whole idea is to add a post to your blog about his contest with a link to his blog, and enter your self in a chance to win $2,500 hard cash in prize!!! Winner will be sent payment by Paypal so it is necessary that you have a Paypal account for this, to avoid any complications later on πŸ™‚

Here’s what you have to do

Simply copy and paste the following on your blog to be considered as an entrant to the contest.

Over at Ashwin’s blog, you will find one crazy blog owner!! You can win $2500!! To enter just copy this text and paste it in your blog!! But hurry, this competition will not last long! So get posting!

So what are you waiting for?! Join now and have some fun! Who knows you might win the $2,500!

Contest Details

  • The contest started on 11 July 2007 and will end on 20 August 2007.
  • Payment will be sent via Paypal to the winner.
  • Ashwin is looking for a minimum of 50 entrants to give out the prize money.
  • He has not made it public how he will decide the winner yet, and if there will be only 1 winner or several winners.
  • A lot of people questioned him if the contest is a genuine competition, and YES! It is a genuine contest.

Some interesting facts

This contest is an excellent idea for link baiting as it has spurred a lot of excitement among bloggers and website owners.

Here’s what I found out doing a quick search and checking on Technorati:

People are entering the contest like crazy. Just a quick look at the reactions at Technorati shows some very interesting results. Just yesterday, the contest got 7 – 8 more entrants as more and more people are blogging about the contest on their blogs. The screenshot below highlights some of them.

I’ll also help promote the contest so he reaches his minimum 50 entrants limit soon, although I’m sure he must have reached that mark already πŸ˜€

The post will also be visible on my Digital Point Profile in the Recent Blog Post Feed link, so hopefully a lot of new webmasters will be able to signup from there!

Ashwin's Blog