If you are encountering difficulties in accessing Bebo or Facebook while in your office or while in school, there is a huge probability that these particular websites are blocked. You can inform your web administrator about this situation, but the blockage may be intentional hence you will not be granted the permission to go to these sites. Many schools, colleges and universities including several offices have denied access to social networking sites like Bebo.com and Facebook.com for varied reasons. Majority of the management of these institutions find no educational or useful value in logging on to these websites thus the move against these. Despite the barriers imposed, computer users are still looking for ways to unblock their access.

One tip is through the use of web proxy sites. This is the most recommended option since there is no need to perform any difficult technical work or hack into any computer. You will just need to use these specific websites as the platform to access Facebook and Bebo . Using web proxy sites means your search will no longer be filtered and will be undetected by your administrator. Numerous proxy sites are available online and most of them can be used free of any charges.