What is a unique Class C website?

An IP address is a digital address assigned to every website by the web hosting company. Normally, if someone has multiple domains, the person usually buys one hosting package to host all the 10 sites. Which means the IP address given to each website will be on the same network, like,, and so on till If the first 3 sub-sets of the IP match for different domains (in the example it is 195.183.40), it shows that the domains are on the same network.

Search engines check the IP address of every website linking to another site. If the first 3 sub-sets of both sites match, it means that the sites are on the same network and could be of the same owner. Therefore, they are not given so much importance.

Search engines started recording IP addresses of different websites and consider it a factor in checking the credibility of a website because links from different sites are important for a website. Webmasters started exploiting this by buying hundreds of domains at cheap rates, hosting them on the same server and linking all of them to 1 main site from all the other domains. So to avoid this, the search engines changed their policy from unique domain name to Unique Class C IP Address. Therefore, links from same Class C IP addresses should be avoided, and interlinking websites in a network of sites should also be avoided. If you do link your sites together, those links will not have a great impact on the rankings of the site and will not be considered as high quality links.

Let Submit Elite do your directory submissions for you

Directory submissions are one of the most effective ways of improving your websites link popularity by getting quality and relevant one-way links from web directories. Because your website is very important to you, it is necessary that you choose the right person or company to do the directory submissions for you.

Submit Elite

A good and professional SEO Company can always do the submissions for you in a much more efficient manner and in much more less time, as they already know the most important, high quality and popular link directories on the web. What’s more, professional SEO Companies know that your website is valuable for you, which is why they take great care in choosing the most appropriate link texts and link descriptions for the submissions, and also choose the most appropriate category or sub-category which meets your website theme.

Professional Web Directory Submission companies also know that automated submissions are not the right thing to go for when submitting websites to web directories. That is why they take care to do manual directory submission to quality web directories, making sure that your website is accepted and listed on the directory by following the submission guidelines closely for each directory.

If you are looking for a professional directory submission service, be sure to check out SubmitElite.com. They are professionals in web directory submissions and also have a list of regularly updated free directories where they will manually submit your website to. Every order is taken personally and a detailed report is emailed once the order is complete. Submit Elite offer different submission timings also, and allow you to enter 5 different title text variations and 3 different link descriptions for the submission. The best thing about them is that their services are highly professional, yet the price is very reasonable, priced at only $0.10 per directory submission.

Get thousands of relevant non-reciprocal text links at TNX.net

TNX text link adsLinks are one of the most important factors in obtaining high search engine rankings but getting quality relevant links is one of the most difficult and time consuming tasks in SEO. But yesterday, I came across this new thread at DigitalPoint Forums for a new revolutionary text link ads system at www.TNX.net

TNX allows webmasters and website owners to buy thousands of direct text links from other websites to their sites in minutes. The price structure is also great. The system is based on point system, and you can buy points easily. You can get one text link to your website for as little as one point. This system sells 1,000 points for just $1.14. So, basically, for a little over a buck you can buy thousand text links pointing to your website.

All the links you get from TNX are non-reciprocal links from thousands of relevant websites, which makes it even more powerful. In just a few minutes, you can order thousands of links from high quality internet resources. These links can be obtained for the home page of for deep pages of your website. Here are some interesting stats about the system:

TNX Statistics

  • TNX system has over 24,000 members worldwide
  • The TNX database consists of more than 33,500,000 pages
  • Over 500,000 of these pages have PR > 0
  • TNX sells over 25 million links a month

You can sign up as an Advertiser or Publisher on the TNX system.

Advertisers at TNX

TNX offers a number of advantages for advertisers. For advertisers, TNX.net combines the benefits of contextual advertising, text link brokers and relevant exchange of permanent non-reciprocal text links. Using TNX, advertisers can attract interested visitors to their website as their ads are placed on visible positions. Also, the links help to achieve high rankings on the Search Engines which can then drive lots of targeted traffic to your websites naturally.

Publishers at TNX

Publishers at TNX can serve ads of advertisers by selling a small but noticeable advertising spot on their websites for serving text ads. Publishers agree on a monthly fee for adding some code on their pages and are paid the fee in advance by TNX for displaying the text ads on their website pages.

Another good thing about the system is that TNX is free for webmasters or publishers who install a TNX code on their websites. In case you have sold a link from any page of your website with Page Rank = 4, you will get enough TNX points to purchase links from other websites.

Many members that joined TNX and created Ad Campaigns have already noticed more traffic from search engines to their websites. With TNX you can promote unlimited amounts of websites and keywords. Within seconds you can upload a file with thousands of unique links with different keywords. For example, you can use names of your online store items in the link keywords. And in a few weeks when people search for such items in search engines, your website will be in top results. Sign up at TNX.net now and start your website marketing campaigns today. TNX is offering a special offer for Digital Point members where you can get 2000 points for free. So join today and avail this special offer by TNX.

Link building tips for search engine results

Link building is one of those time consuming things that all webmasters need to do. It does take a lot of time and resources however given the results that can be achieved through link building then it will be worth it. Link building is one of the most important elements of SEO

Link building is the best method of obtaining search engine results.

  1. Submit to well establish quality directories – Try to go for the best – some don’t offer the ability to use your anchor text, however they do carry great value.
  2. Article submission – Don’t just use article directories; get your article published in other sites. Don’t just write one article and promote it everywhere – Googles duplicate content filter will place multiple copies in the supplemental index.
  3. Buy links – ‘Yes’ Google say they can detect these links but in reality it is very difficult for them to do this. Google may be able to detect some paid links but most should go undetected. Try to get links placed within the content. These have a better chance of getting through Googles ability to detect paid links.
  4. Link baiting – This is the process of creating content so that people will link to your pages naturally. This requires a bit of skill and obviously you need to provide something link worthy. Promote your article through social networking sites like digg.com. Remember that most people who use these social networking sites are web savvy and can spot spam a mile off.
  5. Link exchange – many people say it does not work any more – they are wrong! There was a day a few years back when you could run hundreds of link exchanges and get a great ranking however those days are gone. Be more selective and don’t just go for a conventional exchange between two link pages – what about content exchange, article exchange or exchange with links being placed within the content? Remember link pages do not carry the same value as they did a few years back.
  6. Write testimonial’s for products/services that you have used – Although you may not get to use your anchor text in these links many of these links carry value in Google.
  7. Ask for links! Do not be afraid to contact others and ask for them. This is a tactic better used when/if you become an authority within your genre. Be polite and give them reasons why they should link to you. Even if you get 1 link out of every 50 requests it still will be worth the effort.
  8. Offer to write content/blog posts as long as you get to add links within your content. Provide quality examples of the content you have written and maybe suggest some topics you could write on for the site you are contacting.

Free Comments on your Blog!

I usually look for good SEO/SEM and Internet and Web Related Blogs where I can leave useful comments. Relevant and Quality Blog Comments can bring you a regular amount of traffic and can also help you in building links for your website. The more comments you leave on other related blogs, the more chance you have that the blog owner will visit your site and may leave a comment or two in return, if he finds something useful on your blog also.

That’s why I started a Free Blog Comments Thread at Digital Point Forums, inviting webmasters and blog owners to post their SEO, SEM, Internet, Web and Online Marketing Related blogs where I can post comments.

This is a free service I am offering to these blog owners, and in return I will get a few links, some traffic and comments in return. This will not only help them in building content for their site, but will also help me spread the word around and leave links to my blog at several SEO related Blogs.

So far, the whole thing is going great and I’ve got a few offers also, like if I leave 8+ quality comments on a blog, they will give me a free listing on one of their PR 3 Blogs Directory! Another one has offered to add ‘Top Commentator’ Plugin to the blog so I get a link to my Blog in return. A few others have left useful comments on my blog which is great!

Using Keywords in Anchor Texts

Before you start a links campaign for your website, or directory submissions, you need to decide the Keywords you will be targeting and the Anchor Texts which you will use for your links campaign. These anchor texts will use your important keywords in them which will help you in Search Engine Rankings for these Keywords.

Here are a few tips which will help you make your anchor texts.

1. Only use the most important Keywords in your Anchor Text

It is a good idea to do some Keyword Research using a Keyword Tool like Wordtracker to decide the most important Keywords related to the theme of your website. You should be using the popular search terms in your Anchor Texts which show up in the Search when you use the Keyword Tool.

You can find a very good Keyword Suggestion Tool at Digital Point.

2. Do not make the Anchor Texts too long

Long, rambling, keyword stuffed Anchor Texts make no sense and might actually harm you in Search Rankings. Search Engines might penalize your site for using a long keyword stuffed or spammy Anchor Text. Remember, your Anchor Texts should be short and to-the-point and should make sense.

3. Make your Anchor Text Useful

Don’t simply paste Keywords in the Anchor Text, separated by commas, like Keyword 1, Keyword 2, Keyword 3. This looks completely absurd and users won’t be interested to click on it. Your Anchor Text should be a coherent sentence or a short phrase which makes sense. Make your Anchor Texts natural.

4. Use Anchor Text variations

If you are targeting 5 or 6 important keywords, it is always a good idea to make 5 or 6 different Anchor Texts, each focusing on the targeted Keyword. You should use these variations when submitting your site to link directories.

5. Make different Anchor Texts for different Landing Pages

If you have several important landing pages in your site, which you want to promote using link building, make different Anchor Texts for each of these landing pages. Use a Keyword Tool and research for the Keywords for each of these landing pages. Then create 3 or 4 variations of Anchor Texts for each of these landing pages. You can then use these Anchor Texts to submit your site to Directories and Link Forms.

6. Relevance is most important

This might seem obvious, but relevance is the most important thing in Anchor Texts. If you are making Anchor Texts for a page for Blue Widgets, make sure you use Blue Widgets in the Anchor Text, instead of using keywords like Green Widgets, Cheap Widgets etc.

Remember, Search Engines also give importance to Relevance. If your anchor text has Blue Widgets in it, and your page also used the Keyword Blue Widgets in the Title, Content and Body of that page, the anchor text will work perfectly with that page.

These tips are useful for all sort of anchor texts, whether internal or from other websites. When you link to an internal page of your site, always use some meaningful anchor text like ‘Find more details for Blue Widgets‘, where Blue Widgets should be the link, instead of ‘Find more details for Blue Widgets here‘.

You can also find more tips for Anchor Texts by following these links:

Better Anchor Texts by John Chow

Anchor Text Optimization Tips

Too many Blog Comment Links can be Harmful

Many webmasters and website owners today have changed their focus from reciprocal links to non-reciprocal / one-way links due to the importance Search Engines give to one-way non-reciprocal links. There are a number of strategies that can be adopted to increase the number of one way, incoming links to a website. One of these, which you’ll come across, while reading many link building and development guides, is Blog Comments.

Leaving Useful Comments on blogs related to your niche is no doubt a very good idea to get links and users to your website. It is the easiest and most targeted method through which people will find you and will link to you if you provide useful comments and are a regular visitor to those blogs.

However, there is a very fine line in using Blog Commenting the ‘Ethical Way‘ and the ‘Unethical Way‘. If most of the incoming links to a website are from Blogs, and specifically from Blog Comments, Search Engines might end up penalizing your website.

Search Engines now consider websites that have a high percentage of links from Blogs as ‘Bad Neighborhood‘ sites. Domains that have a high occurrence of links that appear to be from blogs may be penalized by Search Engines. It may be normal for blogs and forums to have lots of incoming links from blogs, but for many commercial websites, a large percentage of links from blogs could indicate an attempt to increase search engine rankings through blog comment spamming.

So if you have a new website, and you plan to promote it and bring traffic and users to it through blog comments, make sure you have some other methods of attracting links to your website also, to even it all out. Incoming links from Blogs only can be harmful for your website.

Killer Link Building Strategies Mini Guide

I finally took out the time to write my own guide for some great link building strategies. The guide is now online at Killer Link Building Strategies. It still needs a lot of additions and I need to cover more topics in more detail. I’ll keep updating it regularly and make it the ultimate guide for link building for all the newbies out there learning link building and how to collect links for their websites.

I’m also thinking of making an even better and detailed version and maybe put it on my site in the form of an e-book.

PR 5 in a few months for your new site?

Is it true that an aggressive link building campaign can get you a PR 4 or PR 5 site in just a few months for your new site, without buying any links?

During the last 2 to 3 years, I’ve been working and managing a number of sites and finding link partners for them. I’ve found that hard work and persistence can easily get you a Google PageRank of 4 or 5 for your brand new site, in a few months, all with free link exchanges!

Getting things ready for your links campaign

It’s true about the aggressive link building campaign. What you really need is persistence and hard work. Firstly, add a links directory to your site / link pages, what ever you are comfortable with. These should be in place so you don’t have to go make new pages again and again whenever a new link request comes. You should spend some time looking around web directories and link pages to see the categories and sub-categories that you are planning to use in your links directory. A link submission form should also be added. Adding a links directory should be a few hours work, and a days work if you’re a little lazy.

Finding Good Link Partner Sites

When this is in place and functional, you can start finding good link partners. To find good link partners, you should see sites linking to other competitor sites, those that are ranking high on Search engines, those that accept links and have a links form on their site. Find websites that are already doing well on search engines for keywords like “your keyword + directory submission”, “your keyword + link exchange”, “your keyword + submit URL”, using several other variations and also using the allintitle, allinurl commands on Google. If you are having difficulty in finding good link partners, spend a few hours searching for websites that give you useful tips and tricks on finding good sites to exchange links with.

Other than these, you will be much better off if you contact a lot of low PR, industry related sites. These are sites that don’t even make to the top ranking positions, but actually exist with PR 4 or 3 or lower. You can easily find such sites through some directory, like the Yahoo! directory, or DMOZ, by browsing to the relevant category/sub-category, or using some other search engine like MSN and Yahoo. Most of these low ranking websites will be willing to give a link without you linking to them!

Your plan for finding and contacting webmasters

Try to add and review at least 100 – 200 sites every day. You should be working full time only on finding good websites to exchange links with. 200 websites a day makes 25 links/websites every hour if you work 8 hours per day. Once you have a list of 800 or 1000 link partners, start contacting them. You (or some resource) should be working on it full-time and contact as many partners for link exchange as you can. It will be a good idea if you use some tool like Arelis, by Axandra, to manage your links campaign. Now time yourself, and you should be sending 20 – 30 emails every hour to link partners. If you have a links manager tool, you should be able to send more requests per hour. This way you’ll have contacted the 800 or 1000 sites you collected in just 2 or 3 days. The more emails you send, the more likely you’ll get a response.

So, you should be spending 4 to 5 days on finding good link partners and then contacting them in the next 4 to 5 days. A few points that you should consider are that you shouldn’t be spending too much time on reviewing websites. You should be able to figure out in 1 or 2 minutes if you will be willing to exchange links with a website or not.

Plan and time yourself

This is the trick I’ve been using to get links. Just plan and time yourself in everything you do. You should start getting replies from link partners in a day or two, once you start sending those emails. You should be making 4 – 5 links or more on average per day easily if you use this approach. Some link partners are slow in responding. Others don’t inform you at all if they link back. But you will be able to find out the other sites linking to you once you start seeing referrals in your website statistics.

Avoid Search Engine Penalties

Repeat the process again for the next few weeks. Keep a target and achieve it. Say, 60 links every month. Make sure you rotate the link texts and descriptions often to avoid Search Engine penalties of getting lots of links quickly in a short period of time.

The good thing about this campaign is that most of the sites will link back without even asking for a link from your site. These will be free incoming links to your site and will have more weight as they will be non-reciprocal links.

Web Directory and Article Submissions

Apart from this, write articles and submit them to as many article directories as possible. A well written article should get you more than 300 – 500 links alone. And don’t forget to do directory submissions. They can help you boost your link popularity and help you get a lot of keyword rich text links. For a list of Free Search Engine Friendly directories, you can visit http://www.seo-reloaded.com/ . You can also find a list of Niche Link Directories.


Note: Please feel free to link to the article if you find it useful, or use it on your blog or article directory with a functional link to my SEO Blog and website, or submit it to article sites if you want, with the links intact.

Any comments and suggestions are welcome. You can submit your comments below. 🙂

Free Web Directories

Heres a short list of free directories to start submitting your site to. I’ve started submitting my sites to directories and I’m looking for free directories only to submit to. So I’ve decided that I’ll be posting the directories I submit my links to here on a regular basis.


Most of these directories are very new and are offering free submissions for a limited time only, so hurry and add your link today!