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Despite its non-monetary and virtually good-willed purposes, Craigs list has been bombarded of a controversy that usually deals with unfair trade. Companies that focus on posting ads are threatened of the free service that Craiglist provides, due to the fact that people would choose a free service provider over them. But to craigslist’s defense, they do not charge for any of their service because of the non-monetary belief that their company has established, and solely charge paid job ads on cities such San Francisco Bay Area ($75 per ad); New York, Los Angeles, San Diego, Boston, Seattle, Washington D.C. and Chicago (all aforementioned cities are charged $25 per ad). Despite the miniscule amount of workers needed to operate this functional website, around 23 employees only, Craiglist has placed 34th among the most famous websites in the World Wide Web, and 9th place as the most popular in the United States. But not all controversies were focused on company against another company. There were also moral issues thrown against Craiglist, such as the blatant postings of adult ads on the site. Craiglist fixed this by putting up disclaimers against boards, such as “women seeking women”, “casual encounters” (the most controversial so far) and “erotic services”, along with the user power to flag any content that they come upon which they feel is overboard, so that moderators can easily identify posts that are offensive. For more information about visit