TNX text link adsLinks are one of the most important factors in obtaining high search engine rankings but getting quality relevant links is one of the most difficult and time consuming tasks in SEO. But yesterday, I came across this new thread at DigitalPoint Forums for a new revolutionary text link ads system at

TNX allows webmasters and website owners to buy thousands of direct text links from other websites to their sites in minutes. The price structure is also great. The system is based on point system, and you can buy points easily. You can get one text link to your website for as little as one point. This system sells 1,000 points for just $1.14. So, basically, for a little over a buck you can buy thousand text links pointing to your website.

All the links you get from TNX are non-reciprocal links from thousands of relevant websites, which makes it even more powerful. In just a few minutes, you can order thousands of links from high quality internet resources. These links can be obtained for the home page of for deep pages of your website. Here are some interesting stats about the system:

TNX Statistics

  • TNX system has over 24,000 members worldwide
  • The TNX database consists of more than 33,500,000 pages
  • Over 500,000 of these pages have PR > 0
  • TNX sells over 25 million links a month

You can sign up as an Advertiser or Publisher on the TNX system.

Advertisers at TNX

TNX offers a number of advantages for advertisers. For advertisers, combines the benefits of contextual advertising, text link brokers and relevant exchange of permanent non-reciprocal text links. Using TNX, advertisers can attract interested visitors to their website as their ads are placed on visible positions. Also, the links help to achieve high rankings on the Search Engines which can then drive lots of targeted traffic to your websites naturally.

Publishers at TNX

Publishers at TNX can serve ads of advertisers by selling a small but noticeable advertising spot on their websites for serving text ads. Publishers agree on a monthly fee for adding some code on their pages and are paid the fee in advance by TNX for displaying the text ads on their website pages.

Another good thing about the system is that TNX is free for webmasters or publishers who install a TNX code on their websites. In case you have sold a link from any page of your website with Page Rank = 4, you will get enough TNX points to purchase links from other websites.

Many members that joined TNX and created Ad Campaigns have already noticed more traffic from search engines to their websites. With TNX you can promote unlimited amounts of websites and keywords. Within seconds you can upload a file with thousands of unique links with different keywords. For example, you can use names of your online store items in the link keywords. And in a few weeks when people search for such items in search engines, your website will be in top results. Sign up at now and start your website marketing campaigns today. TNX is offering a special offer for Digital Point members where you can get 2000 points for free. So join today and avail this special offer by TNX.